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A new version of eCRP is now available

After launching the eCRP 1.0 back in January the Italian Company could not sit on the sidelines and improved the eCRP 1.2 The motorbike is a cross between 125GP and MOTO2. It has a pair of electric engines able to deliver 35 HP each, and has an autonomy of 40 Km, reaching a top speed of 200 Km/h. It features a more refined fairing, Marzocchi "upside down" forks up front and in the rear, has a larger 7.4 kWh battery, the big red emergency shut off button has been moved from the top of the tail stock to the underside. In the absence of engine braking, the rear disc gains vital role, although it is hard to manage because the pedal is short and too close to the bottom of the hull. The bike is very stable in cornering and the engines work at full power all the time. The only problem with the bike is that at high temperatures the engine shuts down automatically to avoid engine and battery failure. Technicians are aware of this problem and they seek solutions by improving the air cooling system. The motorbike's torque is always at 100% and you don't have to change any gears. If you'd like to buy one for yourself, the price tag reads 40,000 EUR. If that's more than you care to bite off, 18,000 is enough to lease one for the entire season or you can pay 5,000 EUR for a single race.

Published on 2010-12-09 14:28:52.

Published by Dan.

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