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Buell Factory has released the 1125RR Superbike.

Buell Motorcycle Company has released the 1125RR Superbike model for race-use in Ama Pro Racing American Superbike class competition. Not everyone can buy this motorcycle, just the licensed professional road racers who will compete in the Ama Pro Racing. This beautiful Superbike has a price of aproximately 27.000 EUR and it could be bought only from an authorised Buell motorcycle dealer after you place an order at the Buell Race Department, but you got to hurry because there is just a limited number of 1125RR racers available to sale. The Buell 1125RR model has a modified Helicon 1125cc V-twin engine (103mm bore x 67.5mm stroke) liquid cooled at 72 degree. Power increases come from components including revised camshafts and valves, a larger airbox and intake manifold, higher compression ratio, titanium exhaust and other weight-reduced components. The chasis is the standard 1125R design with fuell in the frame plus a chain drive to allow gearing changes. The suspension is managed by fully adjustable units and has a Showa 43 mm front fork and also a remote reservoir rear shock. A Zero Torsional Load eight-piston front caliper is mated with a modified front rotor.

Published on 2009-12-08 15:38:51.

Published by Dan.

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