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The new side-by-side Kawasaki Mule 610 4X4 XC and Kawasaki Teryx.

Mule is the first side-by-side ever produced. Now it remarks itself not only through its utilities aspects, but through it's sportsmanship. Even though the speculations refering to what the new Kawasaki brings in the ATV field are pretty high, it appears that for 2010 these are left behind, bringing substantial improvement in the side-by-side field. Mule is the first side-by-side ever produced and for the last 20 years it has been progressively improved. For the year 2010, the new Mule 610 4x4 XC receives upgrades which changes its aspect, and brings a performance plus. The new tyres Maxxis Bighorn of 26 inches, fitted on 12 inches rims, offers an extraordinary traction and a ground clearance of 20,5 cm (with 3,8 cm more). In this way the straps are bigger, offering a comfortable trip for the passengers. Even though the vehicle won in volume, it still fits without problem in a truck, in case if transport is needed. And we're not done yet, the side-by-side model receives new graffics, and a more agressive aspect, comes with a more comfortable chair, and a wheel with a smaller diameter than for the 2009 model, borrowed from its brother, Teryx. The chair was redesigned, and it now offers a more comfortable and safe position for the passengers. Shields for the differentials and for the engine were added, providing protection on the technical layouts, and preventing the possible fouling. The brakes have been revised, including the brake pedal ratio, adding a much better control of the vehicle and a higher braking power. Teryx, Mule's brother, receives important improvements, too, which make it remain one of the most appreciated offroad vehicles. In 2009, Teryx has remarked itself in the side-by-side world, by introducing a digital fuel injection, along with other upgrades that makes it one of the best vehicles in it's field. Well, for 2010, the japanesse producer prepared other upgrades, made to boost its performances, safety and comfort. The new Teryx receives a folding hood in the front side, with a more agressive aspect, and which offers a faster access to the engine and the straps, making the maintenence of the engine and the straps setup easier. The block light was also changed, to complete the sportive design. It receives a bigger radiator fan, which will now assure a bigger volume of air, contribuing to a better temperature control of the engine at small velocities and in tough conditions, and the hose has a larger diameter, to allow a bigger quantity of liquid to cool the engine. For the access and the maintenance to be easier, the tank of the cooling system was moved under the front hood. Moreover, the startup system does not allow the use of the vehicle with the parking brake activated. The new protection system by braking completes the well-functioning of the CVT transmition, that among others, delays ignition if it detects the functioning of the engine at large rotations per minute, for more than two seconds, while the back anvelopes are not moving(when the transmition belt slides ) and it warns the driver through the on-board system. No matter how impressed we are by the upgrades brought by Kawasaki, we still have to wait for the ATV's. Some consider that the Teryx is the most capable side-by-side on the market, and that only Yamaha Rhino constitues a genuine withstander.

Published on 2009-12-12 15:43:30.

Published by Dan.

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