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How to Buy Vehicles Sold at Auction ? How the Auction Works ?
What currency is used on Motovit ? How do bids work ?
What is a reserve price ? What is a starting price ?
What happens at the end of an auction ? How can I sell vehicles at auction on Motovit ?
Pricing What if something goes wrong in an auction ?
Can I close my auction early ? Can I change my mind about selling ?
Can I edit my auction details during the auction ? Can I retract my bid ?
What information must I provide about the vehicle I'm selling ? Bidder Essentials
How do Buy It Now (BIN) works ? Auctioneer Essentials
Website Auctioneer Safety Tips Website Bidder Safety Tips
Can I bid on my own auction ? Why was my bid rejected ?
Can a user hold multiple accounts ? What happens in the last four hours of an auction ?
How long does an auction last ? Why are auctions extended by four (4) hours ?
Why isn't my listing visible on Motovit ? Can I re-open a closed auction ?
How do I restart the auction / relist my vehicle if it doesn't sell ? How do I interpret bidder feedback ?
How we protect your privacy ? Motovit Site Rules
How can I make a bid on a vehicle ? How are the details in Motovit listings verified ?
What's the Buy It Now (BIN) price ? How is Motovit involved after an auction is won ?
What is your refund policy ? Terms and Conditions - User Agreement

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