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How can I sell vehicles at auction on Motovit ?


At Motovit, bidders make bids on vehicles you list for auction.

Selling a vehicle on Motovit involves listing that vehicle for auction.

As you create your listing, you'll choose:

Create a detailed listing, pay the listing fee, and you're done! Stay near your email inbox, though, because some bidders may want to ask questions before they make a bid.

You need to verify daily the messages that you receive on Motovit and in your email inbox.Don't just list your vehicle and come back after days, you need to pay atention a few times a day and accept/reject every bid you get.

The details of how you'll collect payment, and how you'll deliver the vehicle to its new owner, are up to you to negotiate with the winner. We recommend that you work out these details with the bidder before accepting a bid.

Your vehicle will sell in an auction if:

In that case, your auction is declared won, and you're legally bound to sell the vehicle for the price of the highest accepted bid.

If you have any questions about selling vehicles on Motovit, contact our support team.

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