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What happens in the last four hours of an auction ?


You'll notice that in the last four hours of an auction, text appears on the listing which says:

Ending soon! Bids will extend the auction.

What does this mean?

On Motovit we try to avoid "sniping", which is bidders putting in bids right at the end of the auction listing time. Sniping leads to auctioneers getting lower prices, and bidders missing out on vehicles they want. We don't like it.

To avoid this, in the last four hours of a listing, any bids which are made will extend the end time of the listing so that there's still four hours left from the time of the bid. This gives other bidders a chance to reply to that bid, if they choose.

This extension continues as long as there are bids, so the downside of this is that auctions can go a long way past their originally scheduled end time. However, it gets a better result for all concerned.

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