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What is your refund policy ?


Motovit.com offers affordable, competitive pricing for advertising that provides wide exposure for the item you are selling. Effective enhancements are available to improve the chances of a buyer noticing your Ad or Auction. Motovit.com, therefore, does not offer refunds on advertising fees.

At your request, we will:

  • Correct any mistakes we have made in the ad or auction at no charge
  • Correct mistakes that you made during submission of the ad or auction at no charge
  • Make enhancements to your ad or auction for an additional charge
  • Cancel your ad or auction if it has been less than 24 hours since publication.

Motovit.com adheres to the following policy with respect to requests for refunds of listing fees. You must notify us by email at payments@motovit.com within 24 hours of publication of an Ad or Auction for ANY consideration of a refund . Motovit.com will provide a refund only for the following reasons:

  1. Your Ad or Auction has not been posted and you wish to cancel it; OR
  2. You mistakenly ordered and paid for duplicate Ads or Auctions through Motovit.com and wish to cancel, and obtain a refund on, the duplicate(s) only. Motovit.com will not, however, provide a refund on the original Ad or Auction.

Motovit.com will not consider any refund request, for any reason, if the request is made more than 24 hours after an ad or auction has been published on our website(s).

Motovit.com is not responsible for, and will not provide refunds for any other reason, including but not limited to, a change of mind regarding ad/auction content or enhancements, or errors or omissions in ad/auction content or enhancements. We will make every reasonable effort to satisfy our advertisers but we are not responsible for lack of response to an ad, lack of inquiries or offers to purchase the item. If the item has been sold via another means, the advertiser may cancel the ad, but will not receive a refund, either in whole or in part.

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